The Tale of a Tall Swede in North London

12 juni, 2018

I’ll start with the basics: hello everyone, I’m Emmylie. By way of introductions, I’m a southern Swede torn between the ease, sea and nature of Österlen and the enigma, chaos and opportunities that is London. Unable to settle my mind on one of the two, I’m solving the issue by residing in London and accruing a considerable number of weekend trips to Ystad.

On Apples of My Eye, I plan on sharing my favourite bits of both cities mixed with travels, observations, tips and tricks. I envision it being somewhat messy but hopefully interesting.

To kick things off, I thought I’d show you some of my favourite spots around my part of London. Think of it not as a guide, but more a visual introduction to the home of most of London’s champagne socialists – also known as Highbury & Islington.

EZ & Moss on Holloway Road

EZ & Moss is a cosy oasis on the otherwise busy Holloway Road. It’s usually where I consume my crudely late weekend breakfasts. Incurring at 13:30 or so I guess you could also call it lunch if you’re fussy. Beyond serving the best flat whites (a coffee type the rest of Europe needs to get on board with IMMEDIATELY), they also do amazing vegan sweets and rich omelettes with plenty of greens.
183 Holloway Rd, Lower Holloway, London N7 8LX

EZ & Moss Bageri i London

Clissold Park in Islington

Tucked between Highbury and Stoke Newington lies this little gem. A green park full of dogs, deer, birds and joggers – though to be honest I only enjoy socialising with the first two breeds (sorry runners…). Bring some food, drinks and a good read and you’re set.
Green Lanes, Stoke Newington, London N16 9HJ

Utsikt över clissold park i norra London

Westerns Laundry on Drayton Lane

Westerns Laundry is hidden away from the main road, set on a dusty courtyard and full width wide-open doors. The place itself is all big windows and concrete, bare bricks, blackboards, long shared tables and a big open kitchen galley at the back of the room. The menu focuses on produce from the sea, and the wine list is sublime. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a good meal outside zone 1.
4 Drayton Park, Highbury East, London N5 1PB 

Fiskrestaurang i norra London

CrossFit Evolving on Holloway Road

Where I spend most of my time sweating, lifting moderately heavy things and (very rarely) practicing my non-existent gymnastics skills. All coached by a bunch of real heroes. Do drop by if you’re moderately into fitness or just want to see shirtless people moving things against the force of gravity.
Railway Arch 3, 303 Holloway Rd, London N7 8HS                           

två män som står med ryggen emot kameran i ett gym

North London Buddhist Centre on Holloway Road

Ok so to be completely honest, I’ve only been to this place once. BUT I have every intention of going back! The space is a gathering point for all things mindfulness, housing meditation and daily yoga classes. The best part about it is the phone ban – that really forces you to leave your stress at the door.
72 Holloway Rd, Highbury East, London N7 8JG

tegelhus i London med gul dörr

Everyman Cinema on Upper Street

As a massive cineaste, this place is pretty much second living room. When I get tired of Netflix, I turn to Everyman. The place is just like a cinema in the sense that is has a big, white screen on which it projects films, but it also has awesome puffy armchairs, the option to rent a full couch and a kickass bar with great food inside the salon. Just order your choice of snacks and bevs before sitting down, and you’ll be served by your seat just in time for the film to start. Magic I tell you.
83 Upper St, London N1 0NP

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